Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Alba Wired ViViDiGi W510

Today I'm on a mix of models, with this one fitting into two lines of watches at the same time.
It was made in 2000 by the Seiko owned brand Alba. It is part of their Wired line of watches, as well as the ViViDiGi line. I've featured watches from both lines before, but not normally at the same time.
It is another watch with the high complexity LCD display that appeared on a few watches at the time and has highly curved digits comprising of a large number of individually shaped segments (28 for showing a 9 in the hours digits). To get all of the numbers in a curved format, the parts that make up the digits are occasionally offset making the digits appear in slightly different places depending on the number. Time is shown across two lines of two digits with hours at the top and minutes below. This type of LCD design was seen on the W710 and W720 watches I blogged before (and looks very like the W710), but this watch uses a W510 module and has buttons instead of a crown for adjustments/functions. The manufacture date of 2000 also means this watch predates the others by a couple of years.
The watch doesn't have too many modes, just displaying time or alarm, and there is an el-backlight. It uses with 4 buttons for mode, light, forward, and back (for adjustments).
The full model number is W510-4A00. It uses a CR1620 battery, and A manual for this module can be found on the Australian Pulsar watch site. Thestrap is marked with the Wired name and has a part number of F1K2JZ.C

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  1. I have one of these. It is in a plastic bow tie box, with Spooner as the label. Mine is a bit different, as the color, in the picture blue, is different. Mine is in rose gold, but the watch looks exactly like this one. I usually wear Bulova watches, but for some reason I bought this one. I kind of like it, and it sits in the box on my desk. I wore it today. Kind of cool.