Thursday, 20 June 2013

Seiko Wired BoA Limited Edition W571

It back to the Wired watches again, and a limited edition too.

This watch is from Seiko's Wired range of watches with their high design watches. This particular model is shown as produced by BoA (and copyright of axev), and is a limited edition of only 500 from 2004.

BoA is a South Korean singer called Kwon Boa (and has used the name with the acronym Beat of Angel), and is referred to as the Queen of Korean Pop. The watch features her logo on the back and on the boxes, and a certificate with a message. 2004 would correspond to her third Japanese album being released and a sci-fi themed Japan tour.

It has an inverse LCD display with a main line of a 4 digit curvy time display. Below that is the year, month, and date (with text saying what the numbers mean just above). There is then a box along the bottom which seems to be the day of the week. It is powered by a W571 module and just seems to have time and maybe alarm modes.

The full model number is W571-0AC0, and has a strap with a part number of F2B8-Z-Q. For strap adjustments, a tool was also included in the box.

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