Thursday, 7 June 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 Jump Hour module 6160 Orange

This 1481010 model is probably the one I've seen the most on Ebay (although usually for ridiculously high prices).

The 6160 module is a near full jump hour watch. Unlike the others which use a continuously rotating dial, the hour dial does not move until 15min before the hour. For the last 15min, the hour dial rotates to the next hour, and stays for 45min.

The design of the watch is quite eyecatching, with a continuous metal strap and mixture of triangles and curves.

The orange version is one of the rarest of this design, with light grey being much more common.
The full model number is 6160-L17980.

For more info on the 1481010 range, see here

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