Sunday, 1 July 2012

Kamen Rider/Masked Rider Transformation Belt watch

Today I've been doing some DIY and painting and so didn't wear a watch today as I didn't want to paint any of my collection. So I'm blogging another of my unopened boxed watches.

Kamen Rider was a sci-fi series created by Manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori, which started in 1971 and spawned many sequels and started the franchise. The story revolves around a world under threat of a terrorist organization called Shocker, who kidnaps, brainwashed, and turns their victims into mutant cyborg. One victim escapes before the brainwashing and fights back as a grasshopper-like superhero Kamen Rider. Further series had different Kamen Riders each with a slightly different styles, and the series Kamen Rider Black RX was released in the US as Masked Rider.

In most of the series, the Kamen Rider used a special belt to transform, and in 1998, Japanese toy manufacturer Banpresto released a series of watches modelled on the Kamen Rider belts. This watch is the belt of Kamen Rider 1 from the first series, and is one of 4 different ones I have in my collection. To tell the time, the watch face opens so show a simple digital display. Inside it also states the American name Masked Rider, but the rest of the packaging is in Japanese.

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