Sunday, 8 July 2012

Deadman Side Winder

When I was in Japan a few years back, the Deadman brand seemed quite popular and could be found in many of the cooler fashion shops.

The Deadman brand specialises in retro 70s/80s styles, and tend to be quite interesting. I have 4-5 of their watches, so more will be blogged as I get round to them!

This watch is the Deadman Side Winder, and has a model number of LSD 4341. Design-wise, this watch is quite unusual. It has the shape of a shield, with a castled top, but the top is much thicker than the rest of the watch, and has red 'jewels' along the top. The shape means it sticks out a long way from your wrist, and you need to be careful not to catch it on anything!
It has a 3-hand dial display, with a date at the 6 o'clock position

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  1. I just love diamond watch and specially this diamond side winder. I am looking for this type of watch for a long time , hope this watch will fulfill my desire.