Sunday, 15 July 2012

Citizen ProMaster Ana-Digi Temp: 8982 module

The Ana-digi temp watches have been released under a lot of different Citizen ranges (and I think I need to set up a page to explain them all!! - UPDATE: I've made a page, and it's linked at the bottom!!).

This one was released under the ProMaster range, and comes in a round case rather than the more rectangular designs of the others.

This version of the Ana-Digi temp uses an 8982 module, but has the same functions as the other models I've featured (the 8987, and 8989). These are dual time, date, alarm, and, and of course temperature measurement. The modules are quite complex, with the digital display and electronic seconds dial having multiple functions. The light is only from a small bulb, so not too powerful.

The strap that comes with this model includes a 'visual signal code' (the Nato strap?). This code has 5 symbols printed on the strap showing how to ask for a doctor, medical supplies, and food and water, and how to say yes and no.

I'm not sure how old this one is, as the serial number has more characters than is normal.
The full model number is 8982-088883.

For more information on the Ana-Digi range, see here.

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  1. Hi, I'm after some information on an ANI DIGI TEMP W100 8982 with a black plastic cover which clipped on to lugs at each corner.