Friday, 6 July 2012

Casio Futurist LA-201W-2A2

Casio have quite a few ranges within their watch selection, with groups such as the film watches, G-Shock, and Poptone already having featured in my blog. The Futurist range is another of those, and has the tag line of "Fresh, young fun and fashion" . The range is primarily aimed at women, but I think they are fine for anyone with a relatively small wrist.
This watch is one of the Futurist watches, and is the 2A2 variant (turquoise and blue) of the LA-201W model (of which there are 8 variants). It has a matching turquoise LCD display with 3 lines of information. At the top is the seconds, along with two rows of dots that fill and empty (the top row showing the number of 10s of seconds that have passed, and the bottom row filling for 5 sec and then emptying over 5). The second line has the time, and the bottom line shows the day and date.
The watch runs from a 2900 module, and has dual time, alarm, and stopwatch functions, with all of the buttons on the front of the watch.


  1. I want one! Where did you buy yours in Australia? Thanks!

    1. It seems that it is still for sale in Oceania (-it's on the Casio website ). That means you should be able to speak to your local Casio selling watch shop, and they can order it in for you :-). Hope that helps!