Thursday, 26 July 2012

326 dog car watch by MegaHouse

This watch took me a while to find, as a search for 326 gives a lot of useless results!

It turns out 326 is a pseudonym for a Japanese artist and singer called Mitsuru Nakamura (born in 1978). His site can be found here. He has also worked on a couple of computer games; Gitaroo Man for the PS2, and a game (326 World?) for the Wonderswan console (code SWJ-MGH002). The Wonderswan game was also released with MegaHouse Corporation in 1999, same as the watch, so I assume that the watch was one of a series released as a promo. I have 4 different design watches by 326, and will blog them in the future. The watches also refer to copyright also being held by anan (Japanese women's magazine), so this may also be linked to that magazine.

The watch is a 3-hand (well, 2-hand and a disc), with 326 on the rotating dial for the seconds. On the face, there is a picture by 326 showing a pink-haired girl sitting on a dog with wheels, driven by a man with glasses - yes it is as strange as it sounds, but you can see that from the photos ;-).

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