Saturday, 7 July 2012

Seiko Alba Spoon Core W626-401 Gold

This watch is another of Alba's late 90s Spoon watches. It was released in the second half of 1997,and has a catalogue number of APRC001.

The Spoon range was started in the 90s and was aimed at teenagers. In Japan, it was released under Seiko's Alba sub-group, and under Pulsar in the West.

This one has a W626 module, with a white and mirrored LCD display. It has stopwatch, timer, and an alarm.

The full model number is W626-4010, and it was originally sold for 13,500yen.


  1. Hi, I too am into pulsar spoon/alba aka watches as they are very distinctive. Do you have any links to catalogues old or new that show which watches were/are available? Much appreciated!

    Kind regards


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