Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 - D400 G.S.D Purple

Another of the 1481010 collection today!
This is another of the D400 LED displays from the range, and the Freshjive version of the model has previously been blogged.

The LED module for this watch is what is dubbed the G.S.D display. This stands for Graphical Sparkle Display, and is so called because the LED lights seem to flicker (or sparkle if you prefer). As with all of these D400 watches, it is a true LED watch with time and date functions. Pressing the bottom button shows the time followed by a pattern depending on the hour (or a series of dots if the battery is running low).

The full model number is D400-L18790, and it was made in 1998.

For more info on the 1481010 range, see here.

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