Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier TR-40 Dual LCD

This watch is designed by the famous French haute couture fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. He is most known for his flamboyant designs including cone breasted outfits (as worn by Madonna), and his men-in-skirts range.

The watch has a dual LCD display with pink text on the top, and an inverse pink display on the bottom screen. Inbetween the screens, Gaultier logo is printed in green. The text on the top display is an unusual shape with the bottom vertical elements being thicker.

It has a D296 module (by Citizen?) with dual time, dual alarm, stopwatch, and timer. In time mode, the top display is the time, and the bottom is the date. In the other modes, the time shows in the bottom, and the particular mode shows in the top.

I don't know when this was made, but if it is a Citizen, with a normal serial number, it was made in 1997. UPDATE: I found this in a Japanese magazine from the late 90s (photo added), so it must be from 97!

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