Monday, 30 July 2012

Storm/Sun 99 Ltd. Lightning Bolt, Large Arrow, Rotating Dial watch

Many times I don't know the name of the watch I've posted, and can't find it online. This is the case today, hence the weird title of the post.

This style of Storm watch is one that I've only seen once - the day I bought it!

It has rotating discs for both hour and minutes, and the time is read at the bottom of the arrow (at the point of the lightning bolt on the face). The time is set using the crown on the side, and there is a button to illuminate the electroluminescent back-light.

The strap has a metal section on the lower part imprinted with the Storm name, and Storm is also imprinted in the back of the leather.

On the back, it also mentions it is copyright Sun 99 Ltd. This company is the parent company which owns the Storm brand name, but I've not seen it mentioned on other Storm watches.

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