Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nooka Zen-H Creatures of the Night Crooklyn Remix

Today it's another of Matthew Waldman's Nooka watches, and is probably the least inconspicuous camouflage designs I've seen ;-).

The watch is one of the Zen-H designs with a stainless steel case, and is covered with Nooka's Creatures Of The Night (COTN) urban camouflage designs. The design has various urban animals (pigeons, rats, mice, bats, and cats) in the pattern, and this colour variant is the Crooklyn Remix version (-it can also be found in green and grey).

The Zen-H design has two rows at the top showing hours, one row for minutes, and the bottom row with seconds (with markers for am/pm and alarm at the very bottom). The watch can show time or date, has an alarm function, and also has a chronograph function. For dark times, there is an electro-luminescent backlight.

This model was shown in late 2007, and came out in January 2008.

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