Sunday, 22 July 2012

Citizen Trans Continents - Trans Solar (Eco-Drive) A310 module

It was sunny today so I got a chance to charge up one of my solar watches.
This is one of the Eco-Drive watches by Citizen, but was released under the Trans Continents line.

The watch is called the Trans Solar, and features a 3-hand dial with date at the 3 o'clock position. The solar panels seem to be on raised sections either side of the face, and these power the A310 module running the watch. The face is crossed with lines connecting the (side located) hour markers hidden at the side of the face, and also has a logo showing T/C (presumably for Trans Continents) in the bottom corner.

The strap is Japanese made padded leather with a woven fabric top, and has Trans Continents imprinted on the back (and the number 24).

I think the watch was released in 1999 (but maybe 2009), and has a model number of A310-L19605.

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