Thursday, 5 July 2012

Playboy Alarm Chronograph LCD watch Y486

Retro LCD time, with a Playboy watch which I think is from the 80s.

The watch has a Y486 module which seems to be by Seiko (Alba), but branded as Playboy. It is a small LCD watch with the main display showing time, and small markers along the bottom of the display for day and am/pm (and whether it is the dual time). This Playboy watch is an Alarm Chronograph, and has time, stopwatch, alarm, and dual time.

Design-wise, the watch is gold and black, with the Playboy bunny symbol in the top left. On the strap is written Bambi Lejool (in two different fonts suggesting one is the company and the other the model), along with the number C-51AP.

The full model number is Y486-4010

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