Saturday, 14 February 2015

Super Lovers Domed Helmet Watch

As today is Valentine's Day, there was only one choice of brand for today's watch - Super Lovers.

This is another of my Super Lovers watch collection and is an analogue model. The Super Lovers brand is a Japanese fashion brand based in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. They have heavy influences from the club scene and their designs are extremely popular in Japan. The watches have been made over the years and have a variety of makes of quartz module and case makers, so seem to be commissioned pieces.

This model is a 3 hand dial with an unusual shaped case. The case is domed and reminds me of an astronaut helmet. The face is under domed glass and angled towards the bottom so you don't have to turn your wrist so much to see it fully. The face shows the usual Super Lovers logo (a heart in a superman style diamond shape)  in red and silver. The Super Lovers name is imprinted into case above the face. Inside this one is a Miyota (Citizen) quartz movement, and there is a sticker on the back saying this is made in China. I don't know when this model is from, but it feels a little more modern, so I'll guess it's a 2000s model.

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