Monday, 2 February 2015

Movement In Motion Wrist Clock by Tic Tac

Today's watch is a nice easy-to-read retro design LCD watch.

The watch is called the Movement In Motion Wrist Clock, but despite its name, I'd still describe it as a watch. It seems to come from a range called Movement In Motion (or MIM) which features both digital and mechanical watches. The range comes from the Japanese watch brand Tic Tac, who still have a web presence, but no brand description (at least that I can read). The name Tic Tac is a common Latin form of tick tock (the sound of a mechanical clock).

This model is an easy to  read digital watch with a 2 line LCD display. The bottom line is a large 4 digit display of the time, while the smaller top line has day, date, and seconds. The module is an alarm chronograph, with single alarm, hourly chime, and stopwatch functions. There is also an el-backlight triggered by the big orange button on the top left.

It has a chunky rounded rectangular plastic case in a retro looking beige colour (but it was released in 5 colours). The case is deep with a thick tinted glass, and has a matching rubbery plastic strap.

The back has the Movement In Motion name and logo (an m with a dot above inside a circle), and says the watch was produced by Tic Tac. The only other info is the material (plastic and stainless steel), and that it is water resistant.

The watch still appears on the Tic Tac website today, but the warranty card I have  suggests 2001 (unless I'm reading the Japanese wrong).

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