Friday, 27 February 2015

Jean Colonna D400 G.S.D

After collecting this long, it's interesting when I find watches with links to other brands/models than expected.

Today's watch is from the Jean Colonna brand, but shares a movement with one of the 1481010 watches.

Jean Colonna is a Belgian fashion designer, who's emerged in the 1990s. His style was different than many of the others during that period, bringing a grungy raw edge to Paris fashion. Some commentators suggested his designs had a wonderfully seedy and perverse style, more like a nightclub than a catwalk.

As with many designers, watches were part of the collection, and today's watch is one of those. This model is based around the Citizen D400 module, and with the design of the back, I'd guess that the watch was actually made by Citizen. It doesn't seem to have been a common watch though, as I've not found anything online linking Jean Colonna with the D400 module...

The D400 is am LED module, with what Citizen calls its Graphic Sparkle Display (G.S.D). It has a 4 digit display in red and green LEDs, and when activated, the LEDs flicker giving a sparkly effect before showing a short light pattern (which changes depending on the hour). In this version, the module is housed in a round metal case, with the LEDs hidden behind a mirrored face with the Jean Colonna name at the bottom.

The back has the Jean Colonna name too, along with the serial number (indicating a 1999 fabrication date) and full model number D400-A05397.

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