Monday, 2 March 2015

Eccentric Classic Sun & Moon watch

Today's watch is from another relatively unknown fashion brand which seems to be a common theme in my collection.

This watch is part of a range of watches called Eccentric Classic. The brand logo is the Eccentric Classic name in a script font, and I've seen both wrist watches as well as pocket watches with this text. Looking around, I found a link between the Eccentric Classic name and a manufacturer called RSSP. Unfortunately, that is as far as I've managed to follow the trail so far, as I haven't found any web site for RSSP, but most of the links with Eccentric Classic and RSSP are for pocket watches which are still for sale, so I'd guess the brand is pretty modern.

This model was called Sun & Moon in the listing where I bought it, and that is written on the dial, so I'm assuming that is the model name. It is a 3 hand dial design in a tonneau (barrel) shaped case. The text on the face is in copper coloured roman numerals, with the brand and watch name in silver writing. To the left of the centre is a large window which at first glance looks like a moon phase marker. Instead, it is a wheel with the sun and moon on, and shows when it is day or night, giving the watch a 24 hr indication. The pictures on the dial in the window are stylized (cartoon) representations of the sun and moon (as well as stars), with the watch indicating sun rise starting about 7am.

The brand doesn't seem to be an expensive one, so I'd guess this wasn't expensive either, and as products are still for sale (but not watches), I'd guess a late-00s to early-10s for a release date.

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