Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Seiko Alba AKA V782

Today's watch is a smarter looking model from the AKA line of watches.

The AKA line was a set of watches released by the Seiko brand Alba. They come out in the early to mid 90s and ran through to the end of the decade. The watches were one of the early fashion watches which appeared in the 90s compared to the functionality and practical focus of the 80s designs.

This model is an analogue watch based around the V782 module. It has a different style than most of the AKA models I've posted. The design is a little similar to a couple of the watches I blogged in 2012, and as this has a manufacturing date of 1999, I think this style is one of the late designs compared to the more colourful and curvy early AKAs.

The watch has a 3 hand dial design with a round dial in a rectangular case. At the bottom of the dial is a tiny date window too. The case is quite a bit larger than the watch face, and is deeper towards the top of the watch. It has a silver colour and is made of stainless steel and base metal, and the case is 10 bar water resistant. The strap is silver stainless steel and is designed to match the watch case. The first link in the strap is a typical AKA design, having a U-shape (but more square than the others), followed by the standard Y shaped links.

This particular watch was made Feb 1999, and had the model number V782-5090. The catalogue number was AMAZ001, and the original sale price was ¥15,000.

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