Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Everlast ED501 LCD watch

Today's watch is by a sports brand that I've not featured here before, but one which I remember seeing a lot when I was younger.

The brand is Everlast, who I remember due to their connection to Boxing. They are an American brand who are known for their sportswear, mainly in boxing, martial arts, and fitness. The company is based in Manhattan, and their products are sold worldwide. It was founded in 1910 making swimsuits which were designed to last longer than the product on the market at that time, and so called Everlast. They made their first boxing equipment in 1917, and has since become one of the most well known boxing gear brands in the world.

This watch is an LCD watch by Everlast and appears to be part of a line called Everlast Timing. Based on the Amazon listing, it appears to be called the ED501, but only has the number 49-0032 on the watch (and 49-0032-501 on the price label). It was originally sold for ¥5,250 (incl tax), but is not available anymore. For this model, there aren't many references of which aren't from the far east, so I think this may have been only released in that area.

The watch itself is an LCD with a dot matrix style display. As the main display only shows numbers, I think it is just that the digits are made of LCD pixels, but that it isn't a true dot matrix array. The display has 3 lines of information, with the top showing day and date, the middle showing time, and the bottom showing seconds. The watch has dual time display, as well as alarm, stopwatch, and timer modes, and there is an el-backlight. The back of the watch has the Everlast logo as well as the usual info (316L Stainless steel bezel and back, 5 atm water resistant).

As the watch seems quite new, but isn't sold anymore, I'm assuming it is from the 2000s, or maybe the early 10s.

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