Friday, 13 March 2015

Michael Kors MK-5036

After yesterday's post, I decided to keep up the theme of blogging a fashion brand I'd not featured before.

This model is from the American fashion brand Michael Kors. The brand was started in 1981 by an American, Michael Kors (born Karl Anderson Jr), who started making clothes from his parents basement. The Michael Kors brand is known for creating classic American sportswear for women, and has become best known for their high end fashion accessories (including watches).  

Today's watch is the MK-5036 (or MK5036), and is quartz analogue chronograph model. It has a 3 hand dial with three small dials, and a date window at the 4:30 position. The main dial only uses two hands for the dial, with the seconds being shown on the bottom small dial. The seconds hand on the main dial is part of the chronograph function along with the left hand small dial, so the chronograph measures seconds up to 60 minutes. The last small dial on the right side is for 24-hr hours.

The watch has a round mother of pearl face in a gold coloured case. The watch bezel around the glass is covered by a ring of small jewels/crystals, and the design is finished off with a padded brown leather strap.

The back has the brand name and model number, as well as the CE mark. It also has the usual info on materials (all stainless steel) and water resistance (10atm /100m).

Ive not been able to find much about the release date or price online, with most of the sales being on eBay or from the far east. The lack of current references suggests it is at least a few years old.

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