Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Void V02

Today's watch has a familiar way of telling time, but from a brand which I've not featured before on this blog.

This watch is the V02 by a company called Void Watches. Void Watches was founded in 2008. It began as a side-project of Swedish designer David Ericsson before expanding into a small company. The name Void refers to the large empty areas of space, which is likened to time, being something always present that cannot be seen or touched, only measured. Their website says that the designs are telling the story of bringing ideas into reality, and are meant to inspire. Their core philosophy is the Swedish speciality of simplicity. They use simple designs and the best material for the job, focusing on quality and attention to detail.

This model is the V02 and is a quartz analogue 2 hand design. It has a silver shiny rectangular case with a solid feel and only the bottom half has a window showing the face. The design is finished with a black leather strap with the Void name and logo imprinted on the back. The window for the face only shows the bottom half of the dial, and so the hands have two different coloured ends which correspond to the different colour numbers on the dial. On the website, it says "By changing the traditional way to display time the user is encouraged to reflect on its value. Most users however, use it as an excuse to be late!".

The front of the watch has the Void name, and the face reveals it has a Japanese quartz movement. The back has the Void logo, name, and model number, as well as the signature of David Ericsson. It also reveals that this watch is stainless steel and 3atm/30m water resistant.

The watch is still on sale at the Void website, and has an rrp of $205. Based on the brand starting date, and the low model number, I'd guess that this design was originally from the late 00s.

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