Monday, 16 March 2015

Nike WR0105 Imara Keeva watch

I'm wearing a sporty model today with a watch from Nike (which technically is a ladies watch).

The watch is the WR0105 and appears to be called the Imara Keeva. I've tried to find the name Imara Keeva to see if it means anything, but I only found references to the watch in my search. The Nike watches seem to have started in the late 90s and are now discontinued.

This model keeps with the Nike tradition of a large and easy to read LCD display. It is an inverse style LCD with two lines of numbers. The time (4 digits) takes up about 2/3 of the display, with the day and date as the default display below. When changing mode, the watch shows the name of the mode in the bottom line before that mode starts. The modes covered by the watch are alarm, dual time and chronograph. The design in unusual with a small rounded rectangular face, but in a quite deep case. It has a very narrow rubbery strap which mounts into the back of the case.

There is also a lot of information about the watch on the back. It is copyright to Nike USA, and covered by US patents D528439 and D528441. The watch is made in China from a mixture of stainless steel and performance polymers, and is 5atm water resistant.

For the date, the main hint I'm working from is the start date for the watch module. This begins at 2005, and as the Nike watches haven't been active for a while, I'd assume this was first released in the late 2000s.


  1. can you view the seconds on the watch? Im in the health profession and seconds are needed in taking down time.

  2. i had this watch but the strap broke and its hard to find a replacement here.. i saw one on ebay but the shipping is more expensive than the strap lol