Friday, 27 March 2015

Super Lovers Donut

This is the thing I like about Super Lovers watches - this is another from my collection, and yet another completely different design.
The Super Lovers brand are from the Harajuku district of Tokyo, and are one of the popular brands for clothes with a club and punk feel. This is the 18th I've blogged, and there is a lot more brand information spread through the other posts - I'll probably collate that into a brand summary page before too long, so watch this space...

I've nicknamed this watch the 'donut' due to its design. The face is a small white circle with a black Super Lovers logo in the centre. This is home to the hands, with the watch being a 3 hand dial design. The nickname comes from the bezel which is a very large black ring around the face. The whole watch is 4.5cm across, with a 2 cm wide face and so the ring is 1.25 cm thick making it dominate the look of the watch. On the bezel is the Super Lovers name in large white letters. The strap is a white rubbery design, and fits in the black and white theme.

The Super Lovers watches have been around for a while (since 1988), but never come with any indication of date. From the state of the watch, I'd guess it was a newer model, but it might just have been kept well.

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