Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Citizen Shock Sensor II

Today's watch is an old Citizen watch which I haven't been able to find much about.

This watch is the Citizen Shock Sensor II. I've found quite a few links for the Citizen Shock Sensor (the first one), but I've not found another article about the Shock Sensor II.

The watch is based around the D150 module and is a sports watch with an LCD display. It has a 2 line display with the time at the top line and date and day below. The time has a slightly unusual arrangement with the minutes being the largest, the hours slightly smaller, and the seconds the smallest. For modes, the watch has alarm, timer, and stopwatch modes. The stopwatch also has pace and distance options, so I think the shock sensor may register steps (like a pedometer), or it is just a set pace with step length. The button layout is also different with the stopwatch buttons being at the top of the case, giving a total of 6 buttons.

The first shock sensor was out in the 80s, but based on the serial number, this one is from 1990.

The full model number is D150-313712Y.

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