Friday, 10 April 2015

Monkey+h Big Tic style watch

It now seems quite often that I've searched for a watch online and managed to find nothing about it, and today's watch is one of those.

The name on the back of the watch says Monkey+h but I've not found this name on the web so far (although it may just be that searching for a name with punctuation is quite hard).

The watch design is an ana-digi with a 3 hand analogue dial and LCD display on the watch face. The face is the unusual watch feature on this model and is made up of a rounded dot matrix seconds display at the bottom of the dial, and a set of small fixed numbers over the rest of the face. The display is animated and different versions can be displayed using the buttons on the side of the watch. If the 'falling numbers' animation is used, it looks like the ones of small numbers on the face are falling down the screen and it reminds me of the falling text from the Matrix movie. The display is also pretty much the same as a design of Big Tic display used by Fossil.

The face is in the middle of a large case and surrounded by a ring of minutes numbers, a ring of shiny silver and that is surrounded by a white plastic edge trim (which also looks around where the crown sticks out). The strap is thick and rubbery, and seems shaped to match the watch case.

Inside is a 2 part module. The first electronics you come across are for the LCD display, with the battery visible in a hole through the plastic cover. Unscrewing the cover reveals the LCD circuit board, and there is a hole in the board where you can access the AG4 battery for the analogue display. which has its quartz module hidden under the LCD circuits.

As for age and price, I don't have any fixed clues. I think may be a low price brand/model because of its similarities with a major brand, and the lack of online presence suggests to me that it is at least a few years old (so I guess 2000s).

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