Monday, 20 April 2015

Spotch Watch

My last post was a Swatch watch, but today's post is about  a Spotch watch.

This watch is a complete mystery model. I bought it because of its interesting look, but have never heard of the name Spotch before. Trying to find out about the name Spotch has been rather unsuccessful, with lots of search results just being from spelling mistakes (especially from splotch). The only Japanese link which could be something to do with it is a Japanese site where Spotch seems to be some sort of radio show for sports supporters.

The watch is an analogue model with a 3 hand dial design. The dial is an unusual shape like a wide ice cream cone (pointed bottom and curved top). On the face of the dial is a pattern of curved lines like radio waves/wifi being 'broadcast' from the centre, and the seconds hand is wavy. Below the dial is the name Spotch as well as two symbols which look like a computer mouse and a printer (although this is a guess). The back of the watch holds no hints about the watch's origin either (just that the back is stainless steel). The strap also has the Spotch name on it, and is a fabric design with a double fastening (inner velcro fastener and outer plastic clip) which is often seen on sports watches.

Because of the lack of information, I don't know when this was released, but it looks relatively new, so I'd guess 2000s.

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