Thursday, 16 April 2015

Boy London BOY-31-W - All Silver

I've been collecting these Boy London watches for a while now, but the brand is a confusing as ever. Every time I think I've spotted a trend in design and model number, I find a watch which doesn't fit.

Any regular readers will have noticed that I've blogged a few watches with the model number of BOY-31-W, and within that number there is a range of mainly similar, but slightly different designs. Today's model is also a BOY-31-W, but completely different than the others...

This watch is a 3 hand dial design analogue watch with a Japanese quartz movement. The face is all silver and so is the case, with the hands being black. As there is no colour, the design is made by the combinations of shiny and brushed surfaces, and raised or lowered sections, and it mixes between the face and bezel. The pattern on the face splits the dial area into 2 parts with a squiggly line for a boundary, and one of the sides has a diamond shaped net pattern. The Boy London name is on the front with Boy raised out of the bezel and part covering the glass, while London is etched into the face, and there is the Eagle logo also on the bezel. The hour numbers also are shared between the face and bezel in different styles (numbers and text but with no number 12) with 3,5,7, and 9 on the dial.

The watch back is the version with the brand name and model number, and a statement about how only the original products have the message.

The strap follows the normal Boy London leather strap design with the 2 colour leather, studs, and the name and logo pressed into the leather. The buckle is different than normal and just has the Boy London name engraved into it.

I've blogged a lot of the Boy London watches so far, so I won't repeat myself about the brand origin here (and I plan to pull together an overview page soon).

The look of this model suggests a newer design, but working out the date is hard. I think it looks like it should be a 2000s model, but it could be late 90s like many of the others.

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