Thursday, 23 April 2015

Casio W-E10

Considering how many Casio watches are in my collection (-this is the 162nd on the blog), it feels like I don't wear them that often.

This model is the W-E10 (but sometimes written online as WE-10 or WE10)  by Casio, and it has a slightly different feel than many of the Casio watches I own.

The W-E10 is a large digit LCD watch with a rounded LCD panel. The display has 3 lines, but is dominated by the time display which takes up around half of the height. The other lines have smaller digits and cover day and date (top), and seconds (bottom). Inside is a Casio 2470 module which gives the watch time, alarm, and stopwatch functions. It is also an Illuminator model with an el-backlight.

The design for the W-E10 is very light, and has tapered edges which give it a very slim feeling on your wrist. The case is plastic with a steel back which has 5 bar water resistance, and the strap feels like it's made of the common flexible plastic which is common on Casio watches.

My searches have found that this had an original rrp of £24.99, but it isn't for sale anymore. The design looks relatively new, and this along with the watch's condition suggest to me it's likely from the 2000s.

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