Monday, 27 April 2015

Storm Rollernet

I've blogged watches which move is all sorts of ways so far. There's been watches which rotate, twist, or flip up, but this is the first where the face can be rotated 360° in all directions!

The watch is by Storm of London, and is called the Rollernet. As regular readers will know, Storm watches were the ones which started me collecting watches. The brand started in 1989 to produce fashionable but affordable watches, and have a recognisable style.

The Rollernet is an analogue watch with a 2 hand dial. The dial is set into a sphere of glass and metal which houses the whole watch movement and display. This sphere is set into the body of the watch in a way that allows it to rotate freely (like the ball in a roll-on deodorant). To adjust the watch, you need to take off (unscrew) the ring holding the ball to get to the crown (as well as the back for battery replacement).

The rest of the watch has the brushed steel look of the Storm watches, and it has a variation on the normal strap design with holes in the long solid first links, but the normal Y-piece flexible section. The back gives the material (steel) and the brand and model name, but not much else.

From what I've found online, the watch was around in the mid 2000s, but it may have been first available at the end of the 90s (but I've not been able to confirm that so far). The original rrp seems to have been around $170, but that is also hard to completely validate.

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