Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Android USA Flip Lid Dual Dial

It's a quick post for me today.

The watch I've chosen is by a brand I've blogged a few times called Android USA. The brand was started in 1991, and from the range of watches I've come across, they have made all manner of different styles of watches.

This watch is not so easy to use one handed, as the time is basically hidden behind a metal plate. Below the plate is a little switch which when pulled down allows the lid to flip open. Behind the lid, there are actually two analogue dials. These are both 3 hand dial designs, and have separate quartz movements and a crown on each side of the metal case.

The back of the watch has the Android USA logo, and a statement that it is Android design, and "Property of OKO" but I don't know why.

There isn't much info about this model, so I don't know when it's from. It looks like it would fit with the style of metal watches that came out in the 90s.

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