Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Musk MA-2118 Chronograph

Today's watch is by a brand I have come across recently, and who seem to have become quite popular in Japan.

The watch is by a brand called Musk. The Musk brand seems to have only appeared recently in the Japanese watch market. Their logo is an intertwined male and female symbol (circle with an upwards arrow or downwards cross but the male symbol is different than normal with the arrow pointing straight up), so I guess it means they are a unisex brand. I've not found any useful information in English with most of the watches found on Japanese sales sites, and I'm still unable to find their website. The brand has produced all manner of designs of watches for men and women with prices up to around ¥20,000.

This model is the MA-2118 and is an analogue watch with a quartz movement. It is a chronograph watch with a 3 hand dial design with 3 small dials. The small dials cover seconds (bottom) and minutes (left) for the chronograph as well as 24 hr time (right). The chronograph is operated by the buttons above and below the crown on the right side.

I think this model is pretty new, coming out in this decade, and is seen it on sale for around ¥10,000 but also heavily discounted online.

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