Friday, 3 April 2015

Electro LCD Digital Watch

It's a simple watch which I kept in my collection because I liked the look of it.

The watch is a basic LCD watch called Electro. This may be the name of the company or the watch itself, but from a few of the sites selling it, they reference the company making it as being Daiso. The Japanese Daiso company started in 1978 as a household item company, and has expanded into the ¥100 shop market (which is where it seems the watch has been sold).

This model has the model number of M-2401 and is an LCD design. It has a 3 1/2 digit display panel showing the time by default. There is a single main button for switching the display between the time, date, and seconds, as well as a second inset button for changing the time.

The design has a clear blue plastic case, with a white case inside (which gives it an interesting look). The blue part of the case is one piece with the plastic strap and so is also partly clear.

As the watch was sold at ¥100 shops, it is a low cost model, and is relatively new (but may not be sold anymore).

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