Thursday, 2 April 2015

Diesel DZ-5195

Today's watch is a simple one, so probably a short blog post today.

The watch I've been wearing is by the Diesel clothing brand.

This model is the DZ-5195 (which is sometimes written online as DZ5195 or DZ 5195). It is technically a ladies watch, but suitable for anyone with a small wrist. The watch has a 2 hand dial design in a square face. The case is curved at the top and bottom and fits around your wrist (which would be a problem if your wrist is too wide). The case has a design with dots and dimples which also extends from the case onto the face. Below the face is a small Diesel signature in amongst the dots. The rest of the strap is black leather, and if you look closely the dimples extend onto the lower half of the strap.

The back of the watch has the usual Diesel picture with the profile of a person with a mohawk hairstyle and the Only The Brave name (for the company which Diesel is part of). There is also the normal info on the back such as material (solid stainless steel) and water resistance (3 bar), as well as the CE mark.

Looking at the Amazon site, it says that it first was available in 2011 so I don't think this is old, but it isn't available anymore.

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