Monday, 13 April 2015

Diesel DZ-1132

Today is my second Diesel watch this month, but definitely a different size.

The Diesel brand are a clothing and accessories company best known for their denim products. It started in 1978, and is now part of a holding company called 'Only the Brave' which features on the watches back along with the logo, a picture of a face in profile who has a mohair hairstyle.
Diesel seem to have been one of the first big design companies to bring back watches as a form of jewellery (or were at least one of the first I noticed) which happened late in the 00s. Their designs tend to be very noticeable, often with oversized dimensions (in the men's watches especially).

This model is the DZ-1132 (which is also written online as DZ1132 or DZ 1132, but the number on the back has the '-'). It is a large dimension analogue watch with a 3 hand dial design. The watch has a rounded rectangular case with an old style TV shaped face. The dial has two levels, with the left side by the 9 being deeper into the watch than the rest, with the word Diesel on the slope between the two levels. The 9 is also very large and raised from the face, with the only other numbers being around the middle of the dial and covering the hours from 12 to 23. The strap is brown leather and matches the brown face, and online there seemed to be more links to replacement straps than the watch itself. The back details the usual solid stainless steel material (but the watch is still very lightweight) and 5 bar water resistance.

This model seems to be from 2011, but I don't know the rrp.

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