Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Eccentric Classic 1/2 Skeleton - Pixel

I blogged a relatively unknown fashion brand called Eccentric Classic a little while ago, and after searching for them online, I've started to build a little collection. After looking at some of their designs, I also found many similarities to some of the other unknown Japanese fashion brands, so now have links between Deadman, Deep, and Module with a design, Module and Eccentric Classic with another (which I've not blogged about yet), and now from Eccentric Classic back to Deadman...

This Eccentric Classic model is a skeleton design analogue watch. It has a hand wind mechanical movement which can be seen through the holes in the watch face and through the glass watch back. The movement has a sweep hand operation, with a frequency of over 14,400 bph (or >4 per sec). The dial on this watch is split into two with a pale gold coloured face and the open part where the movement shows. The edge of the face is shaped in a an irregular line with a squared path, so reminds me of the blocky designs from pixel art. The numbers on the dial are hour markers in Roman numerals, and for the skeleton parts, the hour numbers are printed on the glass instead. The strap is a brown padded leather design.

This watch states that it is an Eccentric Classic by Medi Store. What I've found about Medi Store is that it is a shop in Japan which sells all manner of goods which normally relate to body piercing, and I've seen posts suggesting that the watches were on sale there. In my previous post I found a link between Eccentric Classic and a manufacturer called RSSP, but little else. This suggests to me that the Eccentric Classic line may have been commissioned by Medi Store, and manufactured by RSSP for them (but I can't find a site linking all 3, so it may be that the name changed hands, or Medi Store and RSSP got the watches from another 3rd party).

When I saw this design, I was immediately reminded of the Deadman Mechanical Special Edition watch I posted in October last year. The case shape is the same, the movement looks almost identical through the back, and they both have a 1/2 Skeleton face with the lower left part of the movement exposed. The Eccentric Classic watches seem to be newer based on the sites referencing them, but I don't know the real reason for the link.

Based on the timing of the different Web links, I think that these watches are relatively new (compared to the late 90s timing of Deadman). One blog featured this particular model, and had a date of 2012, so I have no reason to doubt that date for the watch's release.

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