Monday, 9 March 2015

Seiko Alba Neatnik V707

Today's watch is from one of Seiko's lesser known lines of watches - the Neatnik range.

The Neatnik watches were released by the Seiko brand Alba, starting in 1999. A Neatnik is someone who is habitually neat and tidy, and the watch was marketed with the tag line "Are you neat?".

The early watches are easily identifiable by their small dials and aluminium cases. This model is one of the square designs with a deep case. The cases have the designation h.a.o.c, which stands for hard anodic oxidation coating and refers to the manufacturing process. This model is more unusual in that it has a black anodised case and strap. It also has one of the common Neatnik strap designs with aluminium links and a plastic fastener (with a strap part number of F1BGFZ-C).

It is based around a Seiko V707 module, and is a 2 dial design. The larger dial is in the centre and is a 2 hand dial for time. The second dial is smaller, covering the seconds, and is places next to the main dial in a window which gives the feeling they are wheels connected by a belt/chain.

The back has information about the construction materials (base metal (Aluminium) an stainless steel), and quotes it as being water resistant. There is also a set of letters, KMN-MNJ-SGT, which appears on many of the Neatnik watches, but I don't know what it means.

The full model number is V707-5080, and it was made in 1999.

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