Friday, 20 March 2015

Conart LED watch

I'm going out to a clubbing event later so wanted a watch which lit up (and also was good for seeing the time during the solar eclipse later too). So, I chose this LED watch.

This watch is by a brand called Conart. From what I have been able to translate, the brand is Japanese and inspired by the graffiti culture of the 80s and 90s. They grew to become a street wear brand, and have been very popular in the Hiphop scene in Japan. There isn't much else about the brand that I've been able to find, but they appear to have produced several different LED watch designs.

This model is an LED watch with quite a retro sci-fi feel. It has a curved stainless steel case with both brushed and shiny sides. The face is covered by a domed glass, through which you can see directly to the circuit board. The LED display covers 4 digits and is a traditional LED style with thin LED lines making up the numbers. Each digit also has a magnifying dome for ease of reading, and these also catch the light giving it a high class feel. There are two buttons for the display, allowing the watch to show time and date, and the setting button is inset and requires a pointy implement to activate.

Similar Conart watches are still available online at Japanese sales sites for around the ¥3,000 price. I've not seen this particular model, but I don't expect it to be from earlier than the 2000s.

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