Thursday, 5 March 2015

Univers Watch De Luxe mechanical watch

Today's watch is an old one, and looks to be one of the oldest wrist watches I've blogged so far.

This watch is an analogue model called the Univers Watch De Luxe (with the unusual spelling). It is a mechanical model with a 2 hand main dial and a small dial for the seconds hand above the 6 o'clock marker. The movement is a hand wound sweep hand movement, with a high frequency (either 14,400 or 18,000 beats per hour (bph)), and so the seconds hand is very smooth.

The design looks to me to be from an older period than the other mechanical watches I've blogged. The 60s and 70s Mechanical models all seem to have a robust and solid feeling construction with shiny faces and thick glass. This watch has a more delicate feel, and the shape, simplicity of design, and even colour make it feel more like something my grandfather would wear than my father.

On the movement inside one of these watches online , the watch stated that this is by Eastsun Timepiece Co. From a register of watch trade names, I've found that this company is a Chinese company which was established in 1953. This therefore sets a limit on how early the watch can be, but the design makes me think it is a 1950s model. Inside this particular watch, the movement actually says Everest, and it is a 10 jewel movement. I've not found anything about Everest which would like to this watch, so I'll assume the date is still late 90s.

The back doesn't give much more info apart from the stainless steel back and serial number, but spells the name 'Universe'.

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