Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Adidas ADH4003 Alarm Chronograph

I decided that for today's watch I'd wear one of the models from one of the big sports brands - Adidas (a German brand which is the second largest sportswear brand in the world).

This model is one of their LCD watches with a retro style. Based on the style and the use of the shuttlecock/trefoil logo on the face, I assume it is part of the Adidas Originals line which began in 2008 and covers products with a retro 70s/80s feel.

The watch is the ADH4003 and is a relatively large resin cased watch with an inverse LCD display. The LCD has 3 lines of information, and the digits are made up of square and rectangular blocks. The top line is the smallest, covering the day and date, with the mid sized seconds display at the bottom, and the time in  largest digits in the middle. Pressing the mode button cycles through the modes, showing a text description on the top line, followed by that mode if you stop pressing. The modes included are dual time, chronograph, timer, and alarm.

The back reveals that the watch wasn't made by Adidas themselves, but that it was 'Made under  license from adidas AG'. The logo, brand name, and model number are also on the back, as well as informing that the back is stainless steel, and the watch has 5 atm water resistance.

It is still possible to buy this model online, so it is pretty new. It does appear to be a popular watch though, as I've seen a sales site where it was scoring 4.7/5 in the customer reviews.

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