Thursday, 26 March 2015

Franc Dot Matrix LED - Gold

Today's watch is a design I've featured before, but with some slight variations (and I wanted something bright for the concert I'm going to tonight).

The watch is by a company called Franc, but it is a challenge to find anything about them online (either because there isn't anything, or their name is too common). The brand name is on the back of the watch and has a very distinctive round/curvy font style.

I've blogged a white version of this watch before (June 2014), but this version is in gold with a black trim and a black padded (fake?) leather strap. The white model I blogged had writing on the back as well as the brand name, but this model doesn't have anything else.

The watch is an LED design with a dot matrix display (a 17x5 array). Pressing the time button sets of a random animation before the time displays, and after a short while the display switches off in another animation. Pressing the button again while the time is showing starts another animation followed by the date.

When the watch is from is also a mystery. They seem to be new watches, and similar designs are from the late 2000s and early 2010. However if the brand was selling watches still, I'd have expected to find something in my web searches, so my best guess is late 2000s.

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