Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Boy London BOY-10-W - Yo

Today's watch is by one of the brands that I seem to be one of a limited number of collectors.

The watch is by the fashion brand Boy London. I've featured quite a few different watches from this company on the blog, but although the brand is well known, I haven't been able to sort out the true history of the watches as their time line doesn't fit. The original Boy London brand was started in the 1970s in London and was popular in the underground club and punk scene. The brand had a pause in the 90s before coming back in the 2000s, but it appears the majority of the watches started in the 90s, probably by a company who bought the rights to the brand name.

This watch is a BOY-10-W, but I can't see why the model number is different (as it is similar to the more numerous BOY-31-W). It is an analogue watch with a Japanese quartz module and 3 hand dial design. The case is a common Boy London design with a plain round bezel with the Boy London name taking up 1/4 of it. The face is mirrored, with the word BOY diagonally across the middle and YO written at the 2 o'clock position. The O in the middle of BOY has a line across the middle so the shape resembles a London Underground station sign. The strap is also a common Boy London design with two colours of leather and a presstud, but this has the text Boy and Fun of wearing pressed into the brown leather part.

The back is the variant with the name and model number plus the statements "This is an original Boy London product" and "Any product not bearing this mark is not genuine".


  1. There's something very young and trendy about this watch design. It looks classic, but it's oddly modern in a rock'n roll sense. Looks very cool.

  2. I am in California and just stumbled on one of these well worn and working BOY-10-W watches. I also think its very interesting. Any idea when this was made or what it could be worth?

  3. I have one of these for sale if anyone is interested