Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Deadman GV 4098 LCD watch

Today's watch is another from the mysterious Deadman watches range.

This time it is an LCD watch from their collection, and the first of those to be blogged.

The brand is unusual in that it has produced so many different designs, but there is almost no facts about it online. They have made quartz and mechanical designs, with dials, discs, LCD, ana-digi, and skeleton models. The Deadman (or sometimes Dead Man) watches seem to have been around from the mid/late 90s and were features in watch magazines around that time.

This model is the first Deadman watch i got, and I'd found it in a second hand store in Tokyo. It has the same 60s/70s style as the rest of the range, and this time has a case which is the shape of an eye (especially how the front of the case bulges out with the "eyelids"). The strap is a patent leather, and has the Deadman name on the back of the strap. The back just gives the model number GV4098.

The LCD has a 6 digit inverse LCD panel with the day at the top. For the modes, there are time, date, stopwatch, and alarm, and there is also a bulb style light. There is no specific mode button, with each display being activated by it's own button.

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