Saturday, 24 May 2014

Storm Digicom

Another brand that is under represented on my blog is Storm. I have quite a lot of different designs (especially the older models), but this is only the 13th I've posted on here.

The Storm brand are from London and were started in 1989. The watches are of many different designs, normally with futuristic designs.

Actually, this model has the same clean design principles as yesterday's watch. The case is curved polished metal with only a small engraved Storm towards the bottom. In the centre of the watch is a red reflective oval window. Pressing the buttons reveals that this is an LED watch with a 4 digit true LED display. The top button is used for the time and the bottom for the date, and there is an inset button on the left for time setting.

The watch is called the Digicom, and is a little similar to the Digirom I blogged in 2012 but nothing like the Digi -  after this, I think Storm have too many similar named models! From what I've found, this model was released in 1998.

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