Sunday, 18 May 2014

Citizen Trans Continents 5538 Lunar Module

This is the third of my Lunar Module watches from the Citizen Trans Continents range, and has a bit of a different style to the others.

The Trans Continents watches are a collaboration between Citizen and the Japanese clothing brand Trans Continents. The watches usually have a retro space or travel theme, and the Lunar Module watches take the space theme even further.

This model uses the 5538 module, and has a different layout to the 63xx module of the previously blogged ones. This is a 3 'hand' dial design, with the hours and minutes shown on regular hands. The seconds display is a clear rotating disc with the picture of a rocket on. The rocket is positioned so it looks like it is orbiting the centre of the dial as the seconds go round. The watch doesn't actually have moon phase despite having the Lunar Module name. There is a window at the 6 o'clock position which shows a moon, but only around 12 o'clock. The disc in the window actually moves with the hours, and shows a group of planets (around 3), the lunar capsule part of a rocket (around 6), and the moon lander (around 9) as well as the moon.

Looking at the serial number, I guess that this is an earlier model compared to the others I'd blogged. I guess that is is from 2000, as I don't think it is as new as 2010, and looks too modern for 1990.

The full model number is 5538-H24458. The instruction manual comes in both Japanese and English, but doesn't come with much unique information.

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