Monday, 12 May 2014

i-n Dual Watch

Today's watch is one for if you want to know the time in two different time zones at the same time.

It is also a watch which confuses search engines. The brand name (or watch name) is i-n or i.n, so it's almost impossible to search for as most engines convert this to 'in', and searching for 'in watches' leads to too many answers.

The watch has a typical 2 dial layout with the two 3 hand dials side by side in a round case. As is often the case with dual dials, it also has one dial with numbers and one with just dashes. It is quite a thick watch, but this is a lot due to the thickness of the glass. The glass has no rim and sticks out around 5 mm above the edge of the metal case. The design is completed by a stainless steel mesh strap. The back doesn't tell much more information about the watch apart from the material, the 3 bar water resistance, and that the twin quartz movements are of Japanese origin.

The design could be from anytime since the 80s, but based on the length of time I've had this in my collection, I guess it was made in the 2000s.

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