Saturday, 31 May 2014

J-Axis Dude Octagonal Watch

Today's watch is a super shiny model which is good as I was at a birthday party this afternoon.

The watch is by J-Axis and is part of a range called Dude. The J-Axis brand has been around since 1987 when is was started by Sun Flame Co. They produce watches across many ranges, and have all manner of designs (many that appear similar to other popular products). Despite Dude normally referring to a man, the range seems to cover both mens and womens watches. This watch looks like it is probably for a woman, but it is ok for a man too.

This model has an octagonal case with a bright blue shiny face. The glass also has a cut like a jewel with the edges in bright blue making the watch very shiny. The strap is connected with a T-bar arrangement (with a jewel in), and it uses a black leather crocodile skin pattern strap. I don't know what model this is, but it may be is called the 13E-7.

It is a 3 hand dial design, with gold hands and jewels at the 3,6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions. The case is assembled in China and 5 bar water resistant, and the watch claims a 4 year battery life.

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