Thursday, 29 May 2014

Casio FS-10 Pela - the first film watch

I've posted a few of the Casio Film Watches and it seems like todays watch is the first.

The Casio Film watches or Pela as they were known are a range of super thin and light watches that have been released since the 80s.

This model is the Casio FS-10 and was the first of the film watch Pela models to be released. It came out in March 1985 and the concept came from the idea to mould the case and strap in one part, and used the latest hybrid moulding and microelectronics of the time. This resulted in a watch 3.9mm thick and weighing only 12g. According to Casio, this was the first ever million selling watch, but despite this, it is now classed as a very rare model. 

The watch came in (at least) two colours, and this one is the silver model (which seems less common by the ratio of pictures online). The face is square with the LCD at 45 degrees from the top left to bottom right. The button is triangular and in the bottom left, with the watches text on the top right, which says 'Casio FS-10 Auto-calendar'.

Inside is a 465 module and this runs the  digit LCD. It is a simple module, which is not surprising considering the size, and had time, date, and seconds. I've had this one working, but I have a loose connection inside so it goes black every time I try to screw on the back.

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