Sunday, 25 May 2014

Super Lovers Red and Yellow Rotating Dot watch

Today is my 12th Super Lovers watch, but unfortunately I can't wear this due to the state of the strap (which is beginning to crumble).

The Super Lovers range is an interesting one due to the sheer number of different designs, which seem to have been custom made for the brand by a number of different makers. The Super Lovers watches are from the Japanese Harajuku Super Lovers company which started in 1988.

This model looks like a 2 hand dial, but there is a slightly hidden seconds display of a dot which rotates around the edge. The seconds dot is hidden behind a painted ring on the glass with the Super Lovers name printed on it. The centre of the face has the Super Lovers logo of a heart in a diamond symbol. The strap on this model is also a Super Lovers one with the name printed on each half.

Inside, the module doesn't have any maker name, but has a model number of 21694h. The module is also unusually large and fills the entire case (rather than the small lozenge shape of the standard quartz modules). I don't know when this is from, but I think it is a 90s model.

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